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The Bigger and Better Life Mastermind

A 6-month immersive experience of building your bigger and better life, whatever that looks like to YOU.

What you'll get:

  • Your bigger and better life
  • Less time thinking more time creating
  • Living in a live you LOVE
  • Waking up to a life that feels like you won the lottery
  • That big dream you see for yourself, you're doing it!

What’s included in the price?.

  • Virtual Kickoff Retreat >> get clear about what your bigger and better life is, and what specifically you'll be creating in this container.
  • 24 Group Coaching Calls >> coaching is the most powerful experience, as we deep dive into what's holding you back we will be able to help you remove barriers and identify solutions you've never thought of before that will help you create your bigger and better life
  • The Bigger & Better Life Retreat (accommodations and flights not included) >> connect with the group in Pensacola Beach, FL where you’ll immerse yourself in fun, connection, purpose and power. Dates are TBD once the group is finalized based on best availability.
  • Your Bigger & Better Life Project >> in this container you'll create your bigger and better life project with measurable data points that will help you measure progress and shifts within the 6 months together
  • One 1:1 call w/ Coach Dorothy >> use this as a strategy session, emotional clearing, inner voice work, or coaching to clear beliefs that are no longer working for you in your bigger and better life
  • Unlimited Written Coaching >> in between calls as life happens, no need to worry, request written coaching to get help shift your thoughts, feelings, actions or results
  • Bigger & Better Life Community on Slack >> peer to peer support is so powerful, we will have a private slack channel for written coaching, peer to peer support, and resources that are shared throughout our time together
  • Access to the Get Over Your Ex program >> while in the BBL Mastermind you'll have access to the GOYE program to refer back to lessons, attend workshops, and if anything comes up with your ex, it can be addressed there

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