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Get Over Your Ex

The Get Over Your Ex Program makes your breakup as good as forgotten...

Are you ready to...

  • Create a life you’re so obsessed with that stalking your ex’s social media or texting him never even enters your mind.
  • Stop your ex from living rent free in your mind all day and all night. Stop thinking more about him than you do yourself.
  • Build a life better than the one you had with your ex in a way that feels as good as done.

This is where you want to be.

Your freedom from him is so worth it!

"The next three months are going to go by. You can either spend those months being mired in pain and working through it by yourself or you can have Dorothy help you navigate your heart and mind and help you find peace and relief. I can’t tell you how meaningful it’s been to have a coach who cares with her whole heart and soul about me and my growth. Invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of coaching with Dorothy." - Megan

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